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Rachel Lawson began her career as a traditional college and university classroom instructor of writing, linguistics, and literature. She later worked as an online higher education administrator, during which time she wrote and edited fully online courses in a variety of fields, in subjects as diverse as psychology, speech, clinical medical assisting, medical office procedures, business administration, human resources, construction management, project management, and more. She mentored faculty in the best of online teaching techniques, and coached adult learners who sometimes had little previous academic experience, much less experience in online education, which requires a lot of writing even in fields where writing isn’t common. All this experience honed Rachel’s ability to mentor others in the best of written communication styles, appropriate to the specific audience the writer is trying to reach.

Along the way, she acted as both volunteer and paid editor for writers in various genres, including academic publications, sports manuals, business documents, as well as religious and fiction and nonfiction.

Rachel now specializes in the genre of Christian and spiritual/religious manuscripts, including children's books, memoirs, devotionals, and larger theological works. However, she is a generalist who also edits for academics and businesses. She has edited research papers for journal submission and publication, newsletters, press releases, sports manuals, and authors' books both self-published and published by small publishers. Rachel’s work as an editor for three Christian publishers has now reached 30 books. She ghostwrites author bios, back cover copy of books, and author websites. Rachel also designs and formats book interiors for print or eBook distribution.

Rachel invites all writers, but is especially interested in supporting the efforts of Christian and spiritual/religious writers, pastors and theologians, mystics, memoirists, and children’s and young adult book authors. With Rachel, you can prepare to publish your unique voice in a polished, professional manner.


"By far, Rachel stands apart in her skill to bring out the strength in a writer, taking the writer from competent to virtuosic in execution. She takes her work seriously and looks in depth at the content and keeps the writer’s heart and voice in mind throughout the project. I am pleased with my finished product: I can stand confident that my book is a must read." - Teresa Bowen, author of Zadok: The New…Old Order, The Fourth Wheel Story: New Creation Man, and co-author of Friends of Eber: A Reference Guide to the Living Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

"Rachel was my editor for my first book. This woman was phenomenal. She went above and beyond in aiding me with the publication of my book. For instance, she offered resources on how to effectively publish and market my book. Her friendly personality made working with her so much fun. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an editor." -Alena Govan, author of Dear God, What About Me? A 30-Day Devotional for Single Women

"Rachel deserves so much credit in handling the tedious work of editing this book. She did a fantastic job taking my thoughts and ideas and putting them into a format that would make sense. She challenged me to bring out the ideas that were deep inside and work to give these thoughts a direction that would inspire the readers. She has been very committed to detail and the excellence needed to complete the goal." - Wayne Mendezona, author of Quick Handle: Box "D" One-on-One and Quick Handle: The Total Point Guard

“Rachel's patience in the editing process was truly appreciated. She pulled the best out of me and helped enhance the overall quality of my book.“ - Leah Dent, author of Out of Egypt: Into Your Inheritance

“Rachel took my diamond in the rough and made it shine. As she cut and polished the manuscript, the brilliance of what Yahweh wanted to reveal came into greater clarity and began to shine." - Stacey Hardy, author of Accessing Heaven: Experience the Lord's Presence

"I found it quite refreshing to have Rachel work closely with me on my book project. She presented innovative ideas and strategies that yielded a product that I was proud to present to the public. I highly recommend her for your professional needs." - LaTrynnda Cunningham Hollins, author of Awaken Fabulous